4AD versus testosterone

  1. 4AD versus testosterone

    I am researching for my first cycle, and I have come across a couple of places with 4AD-cyp, 4AD-decanoate, and I can't remember but I might have seen a prop and an enth out there too, all in oil ready to go (and legal to buy too!). So, if I can get 20g 4AD-decanoate in oil for $225 from instynct's site or a box of Synovex and a complete kit for $200 that yields anywhere from 16-20g of test-prop, what kind of differences in gains are you gonna get with say 700mg/week test prop vs. 700mg/ week 4AD-decanoate (or maybe 800 to adjust for the heavier ester)?

  2. No comparison...if you have access to gear (which sounds like you've done your homework) and are willing to pin then always choose active species.


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