couple questions on others p-plex's cycles.

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    couple questions on others p-plex's cycles.

    alright so i tried searching but couldn't find a standalone pplex log that was good. its all tren and pplex and stacks..

    anyways couple questions:

    - your overall rating on the product

    - when did it first start kicking in? and how hard did it kick in?

    - right now im experiencing light headaches only on my second day... (would you put this on the pplex, or just a cold or something? its also my first ever cycle)

    thanks in advance.

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    week 2.5 ...great pumps and put on alot of mass.. you'll prob notice water retention as well. little bloat.

    edit: oh yeah only sides i had were mild itchy nipples... mood was perfect and no acne.

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