1-T + Epi(pulse)

  1. 1-T + Epi(pulse)

    Hello,I want to pulse Epi during my 6 week of 1-T,I want to use Epi 3 times a week,how would you dose it for 6 weeks ,up to 40 mg? And is it better to start (the first week) 1-T with 4 pumps or 5 pumps?

    My previous cycles= one Epi= 20_30_40_40
    One havoc = 40_40_40_50_50
    One 3-ad= 6 weeks recommended dosage

  2. considering u've used Epi/Havoc for 2 straight cycles already...id say pulse it around 50-60mg M/W/F the whole 6 weeks. dont have much feedback from the 1-T yet but most seem to be running 5-6 pumps daily

  3. I know I will be suppressed with the 1-T but should I use a test booster or an AI the days off ?

  4. absolutely no - wait until the end of the pulse cycle.



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