Time between cycles

  1. Time between cycles

    Iíve generally stuck the rule that Iím off for the same amount of time between cycles that Iím on. So if I run a 12 week Test/Eq cycle then I am clean for 12 weeks (after PCT is done) before I start again. Basically that means about 16-18 weeks (4 long months) between cycles. What do you guys think about shortening that time period? Basically, whatís your opinion of the necessary length of the time between runs?


  2. 4 weeks on, 4 weeks PCT, 8 week break after PCT. I would follow that religiously. We already put our body through alot. No sense in causing any further damage. It's so important to let yourself heal completely. Just my .02 cents.

  3. as long as u can have bloodwork done and it shows everything has returned to normal...u could jump back on 4 weeks after ur last PCT.

    would i recommend this? no, but if the bloodwork is there and looks good....

  4. The time on and time off "rule" is just a best guess estimate at about the time most people should be recovered and back to normal....obviously without getting any bloodwork done to establish a baseline, and then getting bloodwork done at the end of the "time off" you still have absolutely no idea if you have returned to normal or not.

    For guys who are a little more seasoned, they probably have a fairly decent idea based on how they feel if they are on the road to recovery.....so its possible, although probably not ideal, that you could start sooner if you've been around the block enough to feel your way through things...


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