Body bloat on m1t alone

  1. Body bloat on m1t alone

    I am using M1T alone right now and my torso and abdomen are really bloated up. Not my extremities, just my trunk. hmm

    I am using 20mg/day and this is day seven.

    Strength is up and pumps are killer.. but when the pump is gone i look like a big fat ass with tiny little arms and legs.

    what the hell?

    Any suggestions?

  2. 1.5 grams protein per pound
    Mostly complex carbs, sweets once a day
    mostly good fats
    500 above maintenance

    I eat eggs, oatmeal, milk, meat, potatoes and protien shakes regularly.

  3. I think a few people have also noted a bit of digestive stress along with many stating a loss of appetite. It may be that shoving down 6+ meals a day with M1T is causing some sort of continual gas bloating in the intestinal tract.

    This may also explain some complaints of pains in the sides and abdominal regions.

    Just a thought, feel free to shoot holes in it.

  4. yes,,, gas is an extreme issue now..

    taking kilo sports m1t(20mg/day)

  5. although let me add.. i do like the smell. of course when no one is around...

  6. Originally posted by rhatid
    although let me add.. i do like the smell. of course when no one is around...
    I was enjoying this thread........right up until that......

  7. I'm on day 7 of m1t, 10mg ed, and I also noticed a wee bit of abdominal bloating the first several days. It seems to be gone now.. I don't think mine has anything to do with gas though. Other than that I'm totally side free which surprises the hell out of me.


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