Transdermal 1-T anyone tried it?

  1. Transdermal 1-T anyone tried it?

    Doctors prescribe testosterone patches, so I figure it should work. Anyone have any reviews on the transdermal 1-T?

  2. I'm using it right now. S far I'm on day 13. Nothing yet as far as size and strength. Libido is up, I'm also constantly getting boners throughout the day. Acne is starting to flare up also. I believe week 3 is when people started to notice some strength and size gains. The pumps have been nice so far also.

  3. search and u'll find about 5 logs

  4. Joeymutz,

    Thank you for responding so quickly.

    How many sprays are you using and how much do you weigh?


  5. 5 pumps weight is 165lbs



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