Epistane Dosing Help Please

  1. Epistane Dosing Help Please

    Heres the deal:
    I am going to drink alcohol on Jan 1 and Jan 3.
    I want to dose my Epi around that entire week.
    I want to go 1 week on, take the new years week off, and then the next 2 weeks on.
    Better than nothing right?

    Thanks guys.

    ( please no drinking flaming)

  2. if you plan on doing a full cycle then why not just postpone it till after new years? you're not going to gain much on that first week anyhow and you'll compromise cycle by starting early. my 2cents

  3. just move the cycle!!! read more about DS before u start a cycle

  4. I know it makes sense to move the cycle. The only reason I wanted to start it ASAP is because I am on Christmas break and the NCAA does not noramally test over the break. I will just wait till the summer.

  5. Take it all that week except of those days you drink. You'll be fine. Take some Milk Thisle and Zinc before and after you drink and all should be good. I will say that I'm talking about a few drinks, if you're planning on getting trashed than its a different story.

  6. I'm getting trashed out of my mind. Our football team plays in a Bowl 2 days after New Years so those 2 days are going to be rowdy. No worries ill wait till the spring where I know I can go a month with no booze.

  7. save it for after news years youll reap the benfits


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