tren ace/test prop vs. tren xtreme/epistane, which is safer?

  1. tren ace/test prop vs. tren xtreme/epistane, which is safer?

    I have just recently finished my first tren xtreme cycle and loved it. I have 2 bottles for next year along with some Epistane but I have recently been looking into homebrew tren ace and test prop. Would injectable homebrew (if made properly) (6 week cycle) be safer than oral tren xtreme and epistane (8 week cycle)? The stuff seems easy enough to make. which is easier ont he body?

  2. safer? tough to say. tren ace has its side effects and the use of HCG will be needed during cycle.

  3. trenbolone is one of the strongest steroids available. Have you ever used other injectibles? If you dont i strongly suggest to star with winny instead of trenbolone.

    Answering your question: Tren X with epi looks like ok to me. Injectable trenbolone scares like hell.

  4. Wow i'd much rather shoot prop and tren than do 8 weeks of stacked orals. I think it's safer than stacked orals. Tren may be harsh but people run it at 100mg everyday! Try something like 75mg eod.

    8 weeks of Epi and Tren Xtreme is going to F|_|CK up your blood pressure like mad not to mention everything else orals hit. While Tren is the harshest injectable, according to everything i've read it's still easier on your body than orals.
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