Whats the difference?

  1. Whats the difference?

    Truthfully, is there anymore?
    With M1T, 1-test, and some other compounds like 4ad, is there any real difference between them and gear other than legality? It seems like there may be more sides related to some of the PH's, or PS's, and that leads to a question of safety. It seems that things may be going a little too far, steroids aren't as easy to get so one will have to do some research first just to know what to take. With this new generation of supp's being so readily available, many people taking them will abuse them or use no PCT or both. Then they will blame their small nuts and limp dick on the product and whoever sold it to them and basically f*ck it up for everyone.
    I think the new generation of PH's are great but with all the greedy bastards out there trying to get rich from them they will sell to anyone with no real information attached. This is just going to push the ban that much quicker.

    Any thaoughts?

  2. You're absolutely right..

    Too many guys wanna "get big" too soon, and once they screw up, personal responsibility goes out the window.. Yeah, blame M1T, blame 4AD, blame 1,4Andro...

    Same goes for fat asses who think TrimSpa will save them, then whine when they don't lose much, all while still sitting at the tv with a box of Krispy Kreme...

    I don't think it's right that I should suffer because noone else wants to educate themselves...

  3. Originally posted by bigpetefox

    I don't think it's right that I should suffer because noone else wants to educate themselves...
    I agree, I shouldn't have my rights taken away 'cause some idiot newbie 16 year old kid took 100 mg. M1T for a year. The ban is inevitable IMO

  4. I see it as a duel responsibility on the part of the supp industry and supp users.

    The supp industry has IMO, gone out of its way to markey PH's to anybody and everybody that will buy them. As a result we see the boards over at BB.com et al crowded with kids who want PH's. Guys like us are there telling them not to use them but honestly, how did this end up being our responsibility?

    If the supp sellers would have put some protective measures in place like age and identity verification they could have at least demonstrated good faith. As it stands they've sold PH to anybody that has a credit card which has invariably ****ed some uneducated users up and gotten their parents angry.

    And so here we are today. The supp industry is under fire, our PHs are endangered and the government gets to validate the DEA and look like the good guy all because of stupid, misinformed supp users and stupid greedy supp suppliers who lack foresight.

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