Havoc/cyclo tren stack

  1. Havoc/cyclo tren stack

    im goin a havoc/Cyclo-Tren cycle

    i wanted help with dosage and what all i should take in PCT
    Run the Havoc"30mg" for 4 weeks and the Cyclo Tren for 6 weeks

    i was thinkin
    clomid or nolva or REVERSITOL <-- witch one ha
    do i need a cort blocker if so is X-lean ok
    ill be eating/ and trainng right while taking support sups
    i read that the shut down is pretty rough with this stack is ther anythign i can do to help that.

    if anyones taking this stack please share your experience

    thanks Joe

    i weigh about 210 6' about 8% bodyfat

  2. nobody???

  3. make sure you take cycle support like 2 weeks before you start the combo. i didn't and got crazy headaches a couple weeks in from high bp. just took some celery seed extract to help along with cycle support. good luck and happy lifting ! :clean:

  4. preload cycle support ( 1 scoop preleoad) 2 scoop on cycle.

    i would do a bridge

    set it up in a way we can see it easier,, and list the supplements u have all including OTC PCT supps and AIs

  5. i was thinkin during the cycle
    cycle support
    multi vita
    fish oil
    pop about 2 liver tabs each meal

    what else?

    same sups above
    clomid or nolva or REVERSITOL thats my question.
    do i need a cort blocker if so is X-lean

  6. Clomid

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Rugger View Post

    i must give more reps to other people before i can rep u again....

    Thanks for the heads up bout PCT assist by the way i had NO freakin idea and i feel horrible for doing that now.

  8. clomid it is then thank you.
    cort blocker?

  9. Cycle support.. extra hawthorn(2 a day).. does wonders for the bp

  10. guess no cort blocker is needed

  11. iv read about others dosing of clomid. if i get 60ml wat whould the dosing look like for my pct

  12. Quote Originally Posted by japiranio View Post
    iv read about others dosing of clomid. if i get 60ml wat whould the dosing look like for my pct

    i used 100/50/50/50 and worked very well along with Adex

    some people dont like to go so high , but i felt fine on it, no emotional problems

  13. hey yall do you think i need an AI for my pct? would DHEA do the job. i dont wonna lose my Libido do you think there will be a big loss?


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