m1t.....is it working right if I have no sides?

  1. m1t.....is it working right if I have no sides?

    I have been on m1t now for about 10 days (started at 10 mg's then bumpe it to 20 after 6 days) stacked with 300mg's of t-4 transdermal. I went from 155 to 170 (a lot of it I figure is water) but have been worried whether or not it is working right. I have experienced no hair problems whatsoever andno acne really (my skin got oilier tho) and i have no dick issues at all (still get morning wood and it will pop up on its own a lot too) I was wondering if it is possible for a cycle to be working properly without any side effects at all?

  2. The 4-AD is helping with your dick. The other sides, I don't have a clue. No back pain? Is your strength up? 15 pounds in that time is pretty hard to argue if its working or not.

  3. no back pain that I'm noticing (although I sit at the comp for a while and get a little sore, but I think its more the sitting than the m1t) strength seems to be up...pumps are big ( I am just worried that i'll feel all discouraged and small when i go off this and lose the pump lol) how much of that would you think is water and how much is muscle?

  4. If you have zero sides and still see a gain in mass then you are definitely dosing it right...


  5. corteztk1982, I had virtually no sides also aside from a bit of appetite surpression, but im +14lbs now and ending my cycle tomorrow.

  6. i was also worried about this.. i saw NO SIDES from the m1t but i also didnt see the type of gains everyone else was seeing.. most of my gains came from the 4-ad i was taking.. im doing the 4 weeker at 20mg now so im very curious to see how it ends up at the end of week 4.. im at day 6 now.

  7. What "causes" the back pain side effect? First couple of PH cycles I did I swore that I injured my back...then some others got to talking about it being a side effect of my PH cycle?

  8. Bump.

    Sorry, anybody know the answer to above?

  9. I got the back pain now

  10. The lower back pain may be associated with kidney stress. I noticed some at the 20mg dose but at 10mg did not. Drinking extra water may help or maybe even some cranberry concentrate pills.

    15lbs in 10 days! Wow those are some impressive gains!!

  11. yeah, I was suprised .I'm hoping I'll keep most of it, but we'll see

  12. I've been hearing alot about back problems while ON1

    Are you sure these aren't just lower back pumps? I used to get them bad while on Dbol.

  13. Really hard to say where the lower back issues are coming from. Some swear its their kidneys, some their livers, and some think its just muscular cramping.

    Most people like me don't seem to be having libido issues. I noticed back pain at day 4-7 but was unsure whether this was solely cramping from M1T or just from working the construction job I was doing..or both. Sides continued to worsen for me until by day 7 I felt ill and ended the cycle. Turns out I had a cold but I could have sworn it was the M1T at the time...lethargy, back pain, body aches, lol.

  14. I am taking only the M1T (no 4AD), and have NO libido issues, actually it's quite the opposite. Sex drive is way up. I am having pretty harsh lower back cramping from time to time, but it feels muscular, not internal. No lethargy to speak of. Today marks day 7 of 20 mg a day for me. Not sure on weight or strength gains yet, as I have not weighed since wed, and haven't really had time to evaluate my lifts after only a week.

    Anyone else train like a ****in wolverine on this stuff?? I have been lifting like a beast; fantastic focus and intensity!
    Don't worry, man, someday I'ma be nobody too.


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