Mid Cycle: Switch from Sust to Test-E? Help...

  1. Mid Cycle: Switch from Sust to Test-E? Help...

    Alrite... My buddy had two vials of 300mg/ml Sust and was planning on running it for 10 weeks at 600mg per week.

    I am also doing a cycle, 500mg Test-E per week for 10 weeks.

    We both have been going a lil more then required I guess per shot... And ended up only enough to do 9 weeks.

    Problem now is... We can only get Test-E and not Sust. That's fine for me... I'm gonna run 500mg to 12 weeks now as I had to buy another bottle anyways.

    But the question is can my buddy start using Test-E now instead of Sus 300 for another 3 weeks to make it a 12 week cycle?

    Keep in mind we can't get Sus, or would it be better to stop now and start the PCT in a couple of weeks?

  2. its fine to use Test-E

  3. Its gonna take that long for it to kick in for your buddy... I guess it wouldn't hurt to do it though.

  4. Is it? I mean... Sus has long acting test esters in it...

    Your not supposed to start your PCT till 2-3 weeks after Sus, so, I mean, if Test-E kicks in in 2-3 weeks we should be fine no?

  5. My bad... was thinking prop not sust. Yea it should be fine. Sorry!

  6. He can swith to enanthate and keep right on rolling....



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