A question on behalf of a friend!

  1. A question on behalf of a friend!

    Jay Edit: You're still breaking the rules.

  2. lol we dont hang dude, hes a friend I know from the gym who im helping out for a bit.

    edit: Just for the record, you automatically say no without even an explenation and then appear to have an issue with me helping him out, considering the amount of kids these days taking steroids without knowing what they are doing and putting themselves at risk do you not think he should be given credit for researching his options and making sure his plans are safe? I dont expect an answer he doesnt even want me to say this but I thought it only right to make this point personally.
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  3. You're not a parent and just a gym friend. You have no right to help him make a decision with so many potential dangers associated with it. If I were his parents and found out you were doing this, i'd definitely have your ass. We also do not allow 'friends' to find this information out, even if they are of age. If neither of you have the time or reading comprehension to find out why giving a 16 year old, test boosters is bad, then no amount of advice will help you. You're just looking for someone to tell you a cycle and that's it and this isn't a place to get it.

  4. I dont think we are ever gonna agree on this issue, there are certainly an argument for both sides, I think we should leave it and stick to strictly letting people give their opinions on the pulsing idea

  5. The problem is when your disagreement breaks our rules, you no longer have the ability to 'keep discussing'.



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