anyone ever used 11-ketotestosterone?

  1. Question anyone ever used 11-ketotestosterone?

    wondering if anyone has used 11-ketotest (as in starchemlabs icon). dosage? cycle length? stacking options? was thinking of running alongside furazadrol.

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    wondering if anyone has used 11-ketotest (as in starchemlabs icon). dosage? cycle length? stacking options? was thinking of running alongside furazadrol.
    i have run 11-oxo with furazadrol. did not see any results until up around 600mgs a day. this cycle will be very expensive. furazadrol is a very weak compound. it gives good vascularity but that is about it. i ad to dose it 6 a day just to see the vascularity. you can run it if you have alot of money to blow. i had to use i believe 4 bottles of 11-oxo and 3 bottles of furazadrol. IMO there are way better options out there such as h-drol and havoc/epi. have you ever done a cycle before?

  3. yes in fact... ran h-drol for a short 3 weeks back in august while using 2-300mg mmV2 as a pre-workout energy spiker... saw great results, but am trying to stay away from methylated compounds, thought maybe the benefits of unmethyls stacked would prove better than on their own. also, elaborate on that...600mg oxo, not furaz (sounds like quite a ramped up does to me for furaz, but you'd def know better how that would affect you). also consider 11oxo is an 11ketotest precursor, with a conversion rate that i am unsure of... rec dosage for icon is 150mg/day. shouldnt i be able to maintain significant levels in my blood, and see decent effects with a fraction of the dosage of 11oxo since this is already its target hormone? also take into consideration i am pretty sensitive to anabolics, must be my receptors.

  4. other unmethylated options... boldione, dienelone, that new 1-T transdermal... any ideas of a mild/safe yet effective compounds preferably unmethylated, though mild if not, for recomp? not looking for huge gains in size, but minor maintainable lean mass.

  5. y r u against using methylated compounds? they are far superior. furazadrol is a weak compound...alot of people have to run very high doses. you can try the Icon maybe itll work for you. you could also do xtreme tren, trenadrol, bold (but that needs a high dosage). the 'tren" compounds are a little more harsh than say bold but...other than those i don't really know of any more products that are really effective without being methylated.

  6. used to be a BIG partier and have since reformed myself... just lookin out for my buddy mr. liver. so if i were to run a methylated compound, which do you think is the least hepatoxic, yet still effective for dry lean gains... also consider i've had some pubertal gyno for years that just never went away (will probably get surgery eventually), so i'd prob want to avoid the progestins in which gyno flare (during post cycle so ive heard) becomes a problem... bigpaps what you think?

  7. hdrol was fine but keep in mind this cycle was shortlived, felt fine tho


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