Newbie Here Need some advice

  1. Cool Newbie Here Need some advice

    Hello all I'm new to the forum and was seeking some advice. I have been lifting for a few years and have some experience with supps. Some didnt work and some did to a degree. I recently tried the Muscletech stack and wasn't overly impressed. I am 37 and gains don't come as easy.

    I want to try something a little stronger than the past before I step up to something stronger. What do you guys think of stacking Mass FX, Hyperdrol, and Retain? Is this effective? Also was considering Formadrol Extreme and Transform afterward.

    Any advice would be highly appreciated.
    I also take ON pro complex protein, BCAA, multivitamin, casein at night, and creatine.

    My goal is to add mass as well as lose some bf before starting a cut in mid March or Early Aprl

  2. take a look at Havoc or Epistane

  3. read through this section. if anything peaks ur interest then do some research on it and come back and ask questions.

    i dont know much about the OTC (non-steroidal) supps u mentioned.

    as B Dog mentioned, Havoc as well as Hdrol are "mild" steroids meaning that sides are minimal....but still keep in mind that they are steroids

  4. This is only my opinion, but stay away from muscletech, it is overpriced, and overhyped. You can do alot better for alot less if you look around, try the supplements forum.

  5. Thank you for oyour help. I greatly appreciate it. After extensve reading i think my choice is going to be Epistane. I have a PCT in mind but i need to ask your opinion on a certain product. I'm not sure if i can ask this question here so if you can PM me, ill ask in private.



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