winter bulk finalized, starting dec1st-march15th

  1. winter bulk finalized, starting dec1st-march15th

    let me know what you guys think of this, its fairly basic. looking for any suggestions to help pack the mass on. open to all suggestions.

    age 26 height 6ft
    weight 262lbs morning
    bodyfat 13.2% as of yesterday at the docs
    only issue is BP, 138/80. not good and will get worse

    1g test enan weeks 1-14
    400mg deca 1-10 ( for joints, do i need more? )
    phera-plex 1-5 30-40mg. ( dosing correctly? )
    insulin 8-12ui post workout only, 4 weeks on 4 weeks off.
    arimidex .25-.5 each day as needed.

    training is
    monday- chest/tri
    tuesday legs/abs
    weds- off
    thursday- arms
    friday- shoulder/trap/forearm
    saturday- back/bicep
    sunday- off

    diet is very spot on with 6 solid meals a day and 2 shakes. shakes post workout and before bed. meals include but are not limited to.. brown rice, potatos, buffalo patties, beef, chicken, white rice, potato bread, milk, tuna, fruit and veggies as snacks or addition to meals if im still hungry.

    waking up at 9am and sleepin at 11pm every night, cardio around my neighborhood 2x a week so i dont die. not sure weather to train with heavier weights or more of a volume routine. prior to this i trained 14 sets for bigger muscle groups and 8-10 for smaller ones, rep range of 10 then 8 then 6.

  2. That sounds like a ton of volume. So shoulder/trap/forearm is 1 big muscle group and 2 smaller groups, so 14+8+8 = 30 sets in one workout?

    Maybe you should try little less volume, i don't want to go touting my way of lifting but i usually lift around 15 sets for the entire workout, 4-8 reps for most muscle groups except things like calves, shrugs, shoulder raises, obviously i'm going higher reps on those. Progressively heavier weight every set until failure at the target rep range is reached. My idea is to hit muscles hard and heavy, with big resting periods between sets, so the bottom line is the weight being lifted. Then hurry up and get out of there and down some food.

    The only compound i have experience there is Phera, and i would tell you not to hesitate to kick it up to 50mg so long as BP doesn't become an issue for you.
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  3. thanks, yea the phera i would imagine i could push the doses with. ill start at 30 and work up to 50. i may try lowering the volume and hitting them heavier and see if that helps me. the only thing i am concerned with is that i may be under-training. for shoulder day i do 8 sets shoulder 6 sets trap and 4 sets forearm. thats the only day i dont follow my usual rep and set scheme just because of the muscle groups being worked.

  4. the only thing i can say about this is i dont think its a good idea for little guys like you to be doing have a lot of natty growing left to should get up to at LEAST 280 and sub ten percent bodyfat before you run this cycle

  5. As far as overtraining/undertraining i have found that the quality of the sets matters more than the quantity. After I have a few hard sets and end with heavy weight and clean failure, the muscle is done. I could stay and stammer out sets with only a few reps or I could drop the weight, and i do neither. When I get to the point where my muscle is too tired to do top weight there's no point in continuing, IMO.

    Everyone is different, but this works very well for me. And for volume on steroids, what I would rather increase is the training frequency. Right now you train 5x a week. You could train 6 days a week. That is essentially what i did on Superdrol, i had amazing recovery so i increased volume not so much in the gym but by going to the gym more often, going from 4x a week lifting to 6x a week lifting. But i would do it in no particular scheme, just hit whatever wasn't sore and lift day after day, throw cardio in on the same days as lifting days if need be. Optimally if you are on cycle, you could sustain a lifting routine like that (which is about 6 days a week of lifting) while doing cardio every other day... I think it is a good idea to throw in as much cardio as you have patience for. This just means you can stay in better shape cardiovascularly and you get to eat more food to compensate for calories burned.
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  6. lol mooch thats good . sadly i cant even maintain what i have without staying on 250mg sust and 5mg dbol.

    unreal i hear u exactly, i often burn out with a failure set of 6 reps half way thru a workout, and find that every exercise done thereafter is almost wasted. i will try working towords a select weight per exercise and go from there. as for the increased volume i think that the insulin will help with recovery, i only used it once before and it was more than enough to make my recovery time almost nonexistent. i want to get some gh but my source jacked up the prices past what my already tight budget can handle, i hope i can still hit my weight goal of 280 by the time this cycle is done.

  7. I think you can go up 17 pounds in this cycle, phera throws the weight on me fast if i eat enough, and a gram of test stacked with deca, you got it man. I don't wanna even know how many fcking calories you have to eat at your stats though, you'll be eating big to hit 280.

    I hope that heavy kind of training style works good for you, def. works for me and i'm probably a similar bodytype to you, endo/meso. No way you're an ecto bro lol.

    Nice to see real AAS cycles around here, I get tired of Epi/Havoc and Hdrol everyday.

    Nephilim something i wanted to ask you, do you think getting 10 hours of sleep a day is a little much? I find if i get more than 8 hours of sleep i'll usually be more tired throughout the day, if i get 7-8 i'll be optimal, and if i get 6 or under i'll start to wear down after a few consecutive days.
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  8. Looks pretty good would go up on the phera at your stats. So when is your next contest? Good Luck

  9. ill be eating between 7-8k cals a day, my stomach will be bloated 24/7 for a long ass time. as far as sleep goes, i lay in bed at 11, which means i wont fall asleep till about 12 or 12:30. and my sleep is never that sound because of the hormones. i agree with you on the 10 hours being too much, if i end up oversleeping by an hour or two its extremely hard to wake up that day, and if i miss out on sleep i get grumpy, really really grumpy. believe it or not unreal im an ecto build but i have huge shoulders. i was 6 foot 120 lbs in high-school because i was a swimmer, and a very good one at that, i was accepted into an olympic development program when i was 15 and i said **** THAT, and started lifting because i wanted more ladies, and basically fell in love with it thereafter.

    as far as real gear vs ph.. in my honest opinion ph are real gear just not as effective as some harder to get gear. i would have chosen anadrol over phera plex but the price was right and the gains seem similar to me, and as far as sides go i think phera will be much more mild. i also am a strong advocate of using test for most new users, as its relatively side effect free and gives the best gains for the money.

    i met a new guy whos going to get me into a show this summer after i pack on the lbs and can come into contest shape at 260. a friend who worked with him last year just got his pro card and im likely going to follow.


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