Spot Injections?

  1. Spot Injections?

    Would spot injections work kinda the same as synthol by stretching the fascia? do they work? thanks.

  2. nope...the oil in synthol does not dissipitate like the gear will...synthol stays in the muscle belly for years...thereby stretching the on the other hand alr had a theory somewhere about using prop/tren/and grape seed oil(i think) for spot injections

  3. the frequency of the injections has nothing to do with the fact that the oil is dissipitating overnight....the truth is you cant shove 50cc of oil into your arm and have a natural looking muscle thats 2-3 inches bigger...this is not have to gradually keep adding oil in every day until you get the desired look...this gradually streches the fascia...and yes it is highly contested how long the oil actaully stays in the muscle but it is generally agreed that is is at least a period of months (if not years)...with respect...mabye you should be the one doing research gix

  4. no have to keep injecting becuse you cant get all the oil in at needs to happen gradually over time...if you inject synthol for thirty days...the very first c u inject will be there thirty days later...this oil is not dissapearing overnight...

  5. sometimes my brain hurts

  6. Well Duchaine said they work so I believe in them I think how they work is different than how synthol works if I remember correctly

  7. i dunno...but greg valentino swears that his hugeness was cuased by spot injecting steroids and not synthol or for thought

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Gixxer82 View Post
    You aren't understanding what i'm saying so i'm not going to argue this with you.

    I dont understand either.....synthol is definitely going to hang around a long time, maybe not years, but certainly longer than any other oil that is used simply as a carrier. I prep guys for shows and have seen more than one guy suffer the long term effects from a botched synthol attempt.

    The reason it is injected frequently is that it takes many, many mgs to have a pronounced effect on the bodypart it is used on. Obviously it cant all be injected at once for either comforts sake or the aesthetics.


  9. dont do sports..did you see what happen to milos s when he amost die when he is shotting syn in arms?


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