A M1T Side Effect not Spoken Of.....

  1. A M1T Side Effect not Spoken Of.....

    Lately i have been getting Nose Bleeds every Once in a While. Im not Linking Them to The M1T.

    But could they in any way be A Side of It?

  2. I heard another user report that. Higher blood pressure can cause noise bleeds I believe. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

  3. Definetly could be high BPH. That can be caused by any AAS, especially highly androgenic ones.
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  4. i got a nose bleed from rubbing my nose on my 10mg 2 week cycle... it was wierd.. didnt bleed bad.. but it has never done that before..

  5. Get a blood pressure cuff and monitor yourself. I got cheap one from Walgreens for something like $20. Be sure to ask about the cuff size, it might not fit 18" arms

  6. You can get a bigger cuff for them just ask.. and high blood pressure can cause nose bleed, dizziness, a feeling of your eye bugging out of your head, and headaches to name a few..

  7. Originally posted by LakeMountD
    i got a nose bleed from rubbing my nose on my 10mg 2 week cycle... it was wierd.. didnt bleed bad.. but it has never done that before..
    That same thing happens to me sometimes. Same thing when I pick it.

  8. My Blood Pressure was: 133/66 and My Heart Rate is- 67

    Wish The Guns are 18"

  9. Yeah high blood pressure can cause nose bleeds. When I was just a we whipper snapper I was on some pretty hardcore **** to keep me from going ballistic and tearing the house apart. A side effect of it was high blood pressure. I would get them almost everyday till I went and had my nostrils cortorized (i think thats what its called). They took something that looked similar to a "punk" (the things that look like incense sticks that you use to light fireworks) and shoved that bad boy up my nose. I never cried so much in my life. I think Im tramitized from it cause just thinking about it makes my eyes water and reminds me of the smell of burning flesh. That was about 15 yrs ago and I cant recall a nose bleed since though and Ive broken my nose twice and have taken many blows to it as well in fights.

    I wouldnt recommend it though. I just needed to tell my story.


  10. I know some people have back ache/cramps. Tonight I was playing basketball and my foot stiffed up. You know the muscles around the arch of the feet? I had to sub out often cuz I have trouble running.

  11. I believe a couple of M1T users complained of HBP(nosebleeds, numb hands, etc..) while on-cycle at the bb.com. They were recommending several things lick coq10 or just stopping the cycle.

  12. 1AD gave me nosebleeds. Most of them occurred in the morning. They went away when I came off cycle. Watch the blood pressure like others recommended.

  13. Try policosanol for high blood pressure, also garlic extract standardized for Allicin..

  14. Magnesium,Potassium, and Calcium supplements also help with HBP. I believe Arginine at 9g/day or so will help to BP as well.
    Check this site out:

    You dont need someone to tell you to drink ample amounts of water, but here you go:

    And dont forget to do cardio. Some say no cardio while bulking, but thats BS. It also helps to keep blood pressure down.


  15. On my first cycle of T1-Pro my nose bled like a son of a bitch! It would start gushing after or during my first heavy sets just from pushing so hard. The doctor gave me some saline nasal drops and I used them twice a day and my nose didn't bleed anymore. It was probably a combination of high BP and dryness, and getting rid of the dryness helped.

  16. the thing is is that my BP isnt High (Thank goodness)

  17. I've had that happen once before while on a 1-test/test cycle. Also the dryness of some heat does it to me on occasion, esp if I'm on something that raises BP. It sucks, but as said above there are a few precautions to take.

  18. I get em on Airplanes

  19. now...you are taking this orally and not doin m1t lines on your dinner table right?

  20. Originally posted by Jarconis
    now...you are taking this orally and not doin m1t lines on your dinner table right?
    My Goat snorts It.


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