Sd and t3 cycle question

  1. Sd and t3 cycle question

    Is it possible to get the majority of the gains from a superdrol cycle with t3 as you would without the t3?


  2. this cycle sounds like a real good way to constantly go hypo.

    You better the hell eat a ton of carbs, no worries bout adding on fat, the SD will shuttle them all into the muscles and thats only if the t3 doesnt burn them the hell up first....

    I would choose something else like Phera or the like to get mass gains and then add in the t3.... really though your gonna limit your gains with whatever you take BUT you dont want to set yourself up for a miserable cycle.

  3. So would it be better to run the sd alone then t3/clen seperate for mass and leaning out?

  4. Yes, I feel that SD is a VERY lean mass builder, one of the best.

    You can blow the hell up on that stuff but stay hard as a rock, I loved it, but I got gyno from it too and wont ever run it again.... till I get my breast glands/tissue removed and it wont be an issue .

  5. Thanks!



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