1 methyl test and nausea?

  1. 1 methyl test and nausea?

    Has any one felt nauseous when taking 1mt? A few people have come into the store saying that they though it made them feel this way. Could just be a virus going around though.

  2. i havent noticed it yet.. some people have reported flu like symptoms however

  3. I didn't get nauseous but had the flu like symptoms and terrible back pain, despite the taurine and potassium I took. Had a headache everyday untill I got off of it after two weeks. Felt in a 'fog' all of the time , hard time concentrating and basically felt like **** those couple weeks.

    I couldn't deal with feeling like crap all the time as I work a physical, full time job and run two small businesses of my own. Even if I saw some gains ( which I didn't ) it wouldn't be worth feeling like **** 24/7.

    I went back to T 1 Pro instead which I was really happy with and had no side effects at all.

  4. were you eating when you took it? When i took mine on an empty stomach I got a horrible stomach pain and extreme nausea, I kept my lunch down through sheer force of will. it seems to have a fairly powerful mental affect as well as far as lethargy and restlessness, Ive been taking green tea in high doses 3+ grams perday to counteract the lethargy and give me a sense of well being(l theanine) anyway my first cycle at 10 mg per day i gained 8 clean pounds without much of a cal increase. in my opinion this stuff is wonderful, though touchy.

  5. yep, get it everyday, but a small price to pay for the gains I am getting

  6. I am curious to know what brand people are taking when they are experencing nausea. I am talking 20mg a day of AMT and am not experencing any nausea and bearly any other sides at all. I could just be lucky I guess.

  7. yeah bro I'm taking 20mg/day of my own homebrew and I get nausea. It helped when I took it bed time though.

  8. I am taking kilosports m1t, I get serious nausea if taken on empty stomach. If I take it with a meal or an mrp shake, no nausea at all.

  9. got mine from instynct999

  10. I have noticed nausea as well, along with major lethargy about 1.5-2.0 hours after the dose.

  11. Nope, no nausea here. You guys sure your not taking Drol?
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  12. haha, not according to the label


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