1. Clen

    Would it show up on a standard drug test?

  2. Nope.

  3. If they are checking for it, then it will. However clen clears the system very quickly.

  4. Also just post it one place.. not in two or more forums.. I deleted the other one you had in Prohormones..

  5. a related story:
    clen test

    See how ****ed the media is? "Clenbuterol, a steroid that promotes muscle growth..."


  6. Now that is an interesting leap in logic..

  7. It's banned as a blood doping drug I believe, not as a steroid.

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  8. clen in itself is a great drug if you are in england or europe or anywhere other than the us for that matter as a bronchidiolator. although this drug is not considered a steroid anywhere it is considered to help breathing in atheletes, or here in horses expecially throughbreads. Clen has been known to increase muscle mass at about 20-50 mg per day but any human that can withstand this without their heart exploding is well not human. so the whole muscle building effect is kind of out the window. As far as testing yes it does affect the theophlin levels which is detectable ina drug test. But seemingly not in any normal drug test for steroids. Unless you are a runner that is getting tested no worries. And yes it does clear the system quite quickly but fo rthe theophlin levels they will stay elevated for some time.


  9. So to sum all of that up, Nope. I"ve been on clen I know a bunch of people who've been on clen while taking standard drug test and there were never any problems. They don't test for it because there's no need, everyone with ashthma would fail.


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