First ever cycle!!! (Test Enan Log)

  1. First ever cycle!!! (Test Enan Log)

    Aright so im startin my first Cycle ever. 500 mgs/week for 11 weeks...pct clomid (50/50/25/25) and nolva (40/20/20/20).
    Height 6 ft 2
    Weight- 215
    BF- Round 11 %
    Max bench- 315
    max squat- 470
    max deadlift- 490
    Clean- 255 lbs

    weight- 225-235
    bf- 12%
    max bench- 340
    max squat- 500
    max deadlift- 500 plus
    clean- 275

    This is mainly for football purposes. I got a full football scholarship to the University of British Columbia and want to be 225-235 before main camp with minimal bodyfat gained (reason is I dont want my 4.55 40 yard dash going up too much). The league tests random players at the end of the season so i dont have to worry about testing since Test E is outta your body within 3 months.

    These are all my before pics...I will post pics every 2 weeks
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  2. Heres Another
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