What to do with bad cold

  1. What to do with bad cold

    Hey everyone. This is my first post but i have been reading everything here for info for a long time. Everyone seems really helpfull so i had a quick question. I have really had a really bad cold for the last 2 days. Im starting to get alot worse and i need some rest from the gym. Im just taking cold and flu meds and stuff and i was wondering. While im sick should i stop running my gear or keep taking it?
    ive been running 500 mg test e split twice a week and dbol 25 mgs a day

  2. oo and im one week into the dbol and i just did my second injection of test yesterday. And to clarify i meant should i stop taking the gear until im better or take it while im sick

  3. how long you been on this cycle?

  4. Stop the cycle. 165lbs huh? Got some natural growing to do first i think.

  5. sounds like u may have the test flu , it happens to some people at the start of a cycle, wait it out if u ask me.



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