Test-e and injury recovery

  1. Test-e and injury recovery

    We know that too much test can reduce collagen synthesis even while increasing protein synthesis. Obviously, this isn't an ideal scenario for someone recovering from a soft tissue injury. I understand, however, that a small amount of test--especially when one is shut down from other hormone use--can actually help with collagen synthesis.

    So here's my question: If you were using GH (4 i.u. ED) and boldenone (600mg/week) to speed recovery of a soft tissue injury, what is the maximum amount of test that you would use? I'm thinking that somewhere around 150mg/week is good, but I'm wondering what others here think.

  2. 250mg/week or else ur wasting gear and libido will be in the ****ter

  3. Quote Originally Posted by nosnmiveins View Post
    250mg/week or else ur wasting gear and libido will be in the ****ter
    Thanks for chiming in, Nos. Can you explain what you mean by "wasting gear" when the purpose of the gear is to heal an injury through enhanced collagen synthesis?

    Some might say that, in the above scenario, using 200mg or more of test per week would "waste" some of the collagen building potential of something like boldenone.

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  6. I found an interesting post on another board that deals with this subject:


    I'm curious to know what some of our resident experts think.


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