1. Rage?

    The effects of supraphysiological doses of testosterone on angry behavior in healthy eugonadal men--a clinical research center study.

    Tricker R, Casaburi R, Storer TW, Clevenger B, Berman N, Shirazi A, Bhasin S.

    Division of Endocrinology, Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science, Los Angeles, California 90059, USA.

    Anecdotal reports of "roid rage" and violent crimes by androgenic steroid users have brought attention to the relationship between anabolic steroid use and angry outbursts. However, testosterone effects on human aggression remain controversial. Previous studies have been criticized because of the low androgen doses, lack of placebo control or blinding, and inclusion of competitive athletes and those with preexisting psychopathology. To overcome these pitfalls, we used a double-blind, placebo-controlled design, excluded competitive athletes and those with psychiatric disorders, and used 600 mg testosterone enanthate (TE)/week. Forty-three eugonadal men, 19-40 yr, were randomized to 1 of 4 groups: Group I, placebo, no exercise; Group II, TE, no exercise; Group III, placebo, exercise; Group IV, TE plus exercise. Exercise consisted of thrice weekly strength training sessions. The Multi-Dimensional Anger Inventory (MAI), which includes 5 different dimensions of anger (inward anger, outward anger, anger arousal, hostile outlook, and anger eliciting situations), and a Mood Inventory (MI), which includes items related to mood and behavior, were administered to subjects before, during, and after the 10 week intervention. The subject's significant other (spouse, live-in partner, or parent) also answered the same questions about the subject's mood and behavior (Observer Mood Inventory, OMI). No differences were observed between exercising and nonexercising and between placebo and TE treated subjects for any of the 5 subdomains of MAI. Overall there were no significant changes in MI or OMI during the treatment period in any group. Conclusion: Supraphysiological doses of testosterone, when administered to normal men in a controlled setting, do not increase angry behavior. These data do not exclude the possibility that still higher doses of multiple steroids might provoke angry behavior in men with preexisting psychopathology.

    Take this study as you like. Note, 600mg weekly of test enanthate is not a small dose and is very similiar to most cycle dosages.

  2. Goes back to what several have said before.. ******* on gear is an ******* off gear..

  3. Damn....I guess that means I'm just an *******....Oh well...
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  4. All I know is that I am a mellow bro on test, but on tren I am a total raging *******

  5. Mhmm... Im gonna copy and paste this to the ol girlfriend

  6. Oddly enough, I'm an ******* off gear.. Ever since I started, I mellowed out..

  7. ******* off of gear, peaceful and mellow on test, complete lunatic on tren only, on both test and tren I'm a mellow *******.

  8. Originally posted by ironviking
    ******* off of gear, peaceful and mellow on test, complete lunatic on tren only, on both test and tren I'm a mellow *******.
    So, on test/tren you'd say, "**** off, I'm chilling!"


  9. LOL

    yep thats about it

  10. I feel the same way now.. I started my tren afew days ago, and all I want right now is angry sex!

  11. Tren makes me a little edgy, no doubt. its not an aggressive "edgy" so much, as a nervous "I dont know what to do with myself next" feeling.

    Test has no effect on my mood, that I can tell...

    ECA however, makes me miserable.

  12. So, is it really the tren giving me the impulse to throw customers off the balcony at my job?

  13. Originally posted by bigpetefox
    So, is it really the tren giving me the impulse to throw customers off the balcony at my job?
    Most likely. I do not like it and I question how safe it is.

  14. I love tren.. it and test I am as mellow as a kitten.. Just the occasional impulse to run someone off the road on the way to work... but I get those everyday normally...

  15. Hahah off topic but when I read this thread title I laughed my ass off. Back in high school there was this kid in my weights class we called The Rage. He probably weighed about 95lbs and was about 6'2. The slightest thing pissed this kid off so bad that people would **** with him just to see The Rage in action. One day, he got pissed and tried to act all hardcore and hit the volleyball across the gym as hard as he could and broke his hand. The Rage never lived that down...

  16. I love tren like the fat kid loves cake, it just takes self control which you should have if you plan on taking roids anyway.

  17. This study does not "apply" but it is still interesting for when we get older.

    Effects of testosterone on behavior, depression, and cognitive function in older men with mild cognitive loss.

    Kenny AM, Fabregas G, Song C, Biskup B, Bellantonio S.

    Center on Aging, MC-5215, University of Connecticut Health Center, Farmington, CT 06030-5215, USA.

    BACKGROUND: The role of sex hormones in the prevention of cognitive decline is uncertain. Animal studies suggest mechanisms for sex hormones including testosterone to maintain optimal cognitive function. But, there are studies to suggest that endogenous testosterone levels are associated with aggression in men with cognitive impairment. METHODS: In this pilot study, 11 men (mean age 80 +/- 5 years, range 73-87 years) with early cognitive decline and bioavailable testosterone levels below 128 ng/dl (lower limit for adult normal range) were randomized to receive intramuscular testosterone (200 mg every 3 weeks) or placebo for 12 weeks. Outcome measures included sex hormones (testosterone, bioavailable testosterone, sex hormone binding globulin, estradiol, and estrone), Behave AD Questionnaire, Katz Activities of Daily Living, Geriatric Depression Scale, Digit Span, Clock Face Drawing, Clock Face Perception, Verbal Fluency, Trail-Making B, and International Prostate Symptom Score at baseline, 4 weeks, and 10 weeks. RESULTS: All men completed the study. Total and bioavailable testosterone, estrone, and estradiol levels increased in men receiving testosterone, but no changes were detected in men receiving placebo. No significant changes were found in behavior following testosterone supplementation, nor was there evidence of change in depression or activities of daily living. No discernable changes were found in any of the cognitive tests. Symptoms of prostate hyperplasia remained unchanged in the testosterone (6.6 + 5.8 to 5.2 + 3.6; p =.39) and placebo (8.8 + 6.4 to 6.4 + 3.8; p =.15) groups, and prostate-specific antigen levels did not change significantly. CONCLUSION: No significant changes in behavior, function, depression, or cognitive performance occurred following 12 weeks of testosterone replacement in men with low testosterone levels and early-to-moderate cognitive impairment. This pilot work suggests that testosterone can be given to men with early cognitive impairment without significant concern about worsening aggressive or unwanted behaviors.

  18. Here is another study. I found two things intersting in this one:
    • Possible territorial response to test
    • Odd response to Stanozolol

    Effects of pubertal anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS) administration on reproductive and aggressive behaviors in male rats.

    Farrell SF, McGinnis MY.

    Center for Anatomy & Functional Morphology, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY, USA.

    Adolescence in human males is a hormonally sensitive period when many adult behaviors develop, including sexual and aggressive behaviors. Using a rat model, the authors examined the effects of three anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) during puberty: testosterone, nandrolone, and stanozolol. Copulation, vocalizations, scent-marking, and aggression were tested following AAS exposure. Relative to gonadally intact controls, rats injected with testosterone showed a significant increase in scent-marking and aggression in the opponent's home cage. Nandrolone had no effect. Stanozolol significantly inhibited all behaviors. Results suggest that depending on the chemical structure of the steroid, AAS exposure during puberty affects several androgen-dependent behaviors. Because adolescence in humans is a period of hormonal change, abuse of AAS, particularly stanozolol, during this time may disrupt the establishment of normal adult behavior patterns. (c) 2003 APA, all rights reserved

  19. Levels of aggression among a group of anabolic-androgenic steroid users.

    Midgley SJ, Heather N, Davies JB.

    Centre for Alcohol and Drug Studies, Newcastle City Health NHS Trust, England.

    There have been numerous case studies and press reports of individuals committing acts of extreme violence while taking large doses of Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids (AAS). However, research using psychometric measures of aggression has tended to use small numbers of subjects which makes generalizing results difficult. In the current study the State Trait Anger Expression Inventory (STAXI) was administered to 50 AAS users and 40 non AAS-using control subjects. Subjects also underwent a semistructured interview focusing on AAS's effects on levels of aggression. Results showed that AAS users reported being significantly less in control of their aggression than controls. The semi-structured interview findings showed that elevations in aggression due to AAS use were reported by 60 per cent of AAS users. However, these elevations appeared more related to irritability and bad temper than acts of physical violence. The study also found that more AAS users than controls had worked as doormen/bouncers. This highlights the issue of whether AAS use causes aggression or whether aggressive individuals are attracted to AAS use. Future research should investigate this question.

  20. Effects of supraphysiologic doses of testosterone on mood and aggression in normal men: a randomized controlled trial.

    Pope HG Jr, Kouri EM, Hudson JI.
    Biological Psychiatry Laboratory, McLean Hospital, Belmont, MA 02178, USA.

    BACKGROUND: Field studies of illicit anabolic-androgenic steroid users suggest that some develop manic or aggressive reactions to these drugs-a potential public health problem. However, controlled laboratory evaluations of these effects remain limited. METHODS: In a randomized, placebo-controlled, crossover trial, we administered testosterone cypionate for 6 weeks in doses rising to 600 mg/wk and placebo for 6 weeks, separated by 6 weeks of no treatment, to 56 men aged 20 to 50 years. Psychiatric outcome measures included the Young Mania Rating Scale (YMRS), the Point Subtraction Aggression Paradigm (a computerized provocation test of aggression), the Aggression Questionnaire of Buss and Perry, the Symptom Checklist-90-R, daily diaries of manic and depressive symptoms, and similar weekly diaries completed by a "significant other" who knew the participant well. RESULTS: Testosterone treatment significantly increased manic scores on the YMRS (P = .002), manic scores on daily diaries (P = .003), visual analog ratings of liking the drug effect (P = .008), and aggressive responses on the Point Subtraction Aggression Paradigm (P = .03). Drug response was highly variable: of 50 participants who received 600 mg/wk of testosterone cypionate, 42 (84%) exhibited minimal psychiatric effects (maximum YMRS score, <10), 6 (12%) became mildly hypomanic (YMRS score, 10-19), and 2 (4%) became markedly hypomanic (YMRS score, > or =20). The 8 "responders" and 42 "nonresponders" did not differ significantly on baseline demographic, psychological, laboratory, or physiological measures. CONCLUSIONS: Testosterone administration, 600 mg/wk increased ratings of manic symptoms in normal men. This effect, however, was not uniform across individuals; most showed little psychological change, whereas a few developed prominent effects. The mechanism of these variable reactions remains unclear.

  21. Up until reading these studies I was under the impression that "roid rage" was a myth. I've been on cycle 4 weeks, and have had friends tell me i seem more aggresive lately. The only changes i've noticed personally have been an increase in irritability, but I just figured it was mental. After reading these studies I would have to say i've definately felt some changes. Although definately nothing i can't control as I had a perfect opportunity to flip this weekend, but remained calm.

    Are these new studies as I know that there have been older studies that state the opposite.

  22. Roid rage is real. Anyone who thinks you can manipulate your sex hormone levels and not affect your mood is just in denial. It's no excuse to be a jerk, but facing it is the first step in beating it. I KNOW it's happened to eveyone at least once, if you want to be real with yourself and think about it. It happens to my wife at least once a month! It happens to me everytime I do M1T, halo, high-dose test, or certain progestins. My fuse is just shorter and I feel geared for physical performance, whatever the situation. Just be responsible and medicate yourself if it becomes a problem! I never start ****, and I never use it as an excuse for MY choices, but it is a real phenomenon.

    All that being said, tren does not promote aggression in me at all. Not even a little, so everyone is different. And like Matt said, an ass is an ass is an ass, no matter what else is involved.

  23. The more reading I do, the more I am inclined to believe that rage/aggression does NOT effect everyone. It appears that certain individuals are predisposed to increased aggression while others are not.

    Personally, I have never felt any sort of aggression from AAS usage and no one has ever commented any contradictions.

  24. I have never experience roid rage and have had some serious angry/rage issues throughout my early teenhood. I had a few episodes about 15 were I literally blacked out because I was so pissed off I went and beat the crap out of two bullies and then went back inside and didn't know anything had happened until later that evening when my hand started hurting. Didn't know why until the police showed up at my house. I am far more level headed now and honestly say even more so when 'on'

    Clomid is far worse than anything else for me. I become a bitchy ******* looking for a fight. My temper becomes violent if I'm not conscience of whats going on.

  25. I can personally say that I'm more of an ******* intoxicated then I am on cycle...


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