ATW Velocity Diet +++

  1. ATW Velocity Diet +++

    I'm thinking of doing the Velocity diet AGAIN, did it for 2-weeks a while ago and had good results but couldn't stand the taste of the Bio-Test protein I had, and really had to quit... But now I'm going to be using ATW, which I haven't tried yet but I don't think from everyones responses I'll be dissapointed in anyway....

    I'm wondering what peoples thoughts would be if I were to add:

    Original H-50

    I've supplemented with PH/PS before so I know all about proper PCT and know my doses... Just wondering if coupled with this V-Diet if I would gain anything from adding to the diet???

    Any thoughts are welcome.. Thanks for reading...

    I posted this in another thread but was told to put it in this forum so if someone can tell me how to delete the other one I'll get right on it..:bruce1:

  2. is that where you dont eat anything but protien shakes?, if so i think thats a terrible idea on cycle

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