why we use a new hypodermic needle EVERY time we pin

  1. why we use a new hypodermic needle EVERY time we pin

  2. seen that one before and it scares me

    pins are so cheap too, easiest component of a cycle really, no reason you can't buy a ton extra.
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  3. I got 20 for like 5 bucks through my supplier

  4. Yeah paying more than .25 cents a pop is a rip.. especially since that's what a pharmacy charges. you can usually buy bulk and save some money online.

  5. I buy boxes of 100....but they are slin pins. I can't see the image posted (at work...corporate restrictions) so not sure what pins you're talking about. I only buy in boxes of 100 actually....buy 2-4 boxes at a time

    Oh, if you're looking to purchase alcohol prep pads, I HIGHLY recommend the BD brand (Becton Dickinson). They are much better (thicker, more saturated, durable, easier to use) than Kendall (Covidien).



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