Injection - hitting bone?

  1. Injection - hitting bone?

    When I inject soemtimes (1.5inch needle, 23 gauge), it only injects 1 inch or 3/4 of an inch. I cannot seem to push it in anymore, and if I add a bit of pressure, it hurts. Like it has hit a nerve. It feels solid.

    ** I inject mostly into the flank region (1/4 way between the anus and teh anterior superior iliac crest).

    1) Is that bone I am hitting?

    2) If I inject into fat, what effect does that have on the absorption of the AAS (test e and test base)

  2. You probably hit a nerve. I've never done pins but I can attest to having been stuck by a newbie nurse that pinned me right in a nerve and watched me writhe in pain like I was some *****. That **** ****ing hurt.

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