Kind of a steroid/PH related question...

  1. Kind of a steroid/PH related question...

    I was bored at work and thinking random thoughts. I thought about the plastic crap in Chinese products and how some unscrupulous individuals use it to falsify protein content. Then I remembered that all PH's and PS's use raws from China.

    Now the question isn't really is my superbulltestostermax is "safe" because we all take our health into our hands to a certain extent by using such products. My question is WHY CHINA? What is it about them that they make the stuff? I know they are the major maker of pharmaceutical's as well. Is it cheap labor like about everything else? Is it lower standards that allows more shortcuts (such as worker safety, environmental concerns, ect).

    If a mod feels this is the wrong section feel free to move it.

  2. good question, wish i knew

  3. as far as the steroids go....they make the raws over there because its legal

  4. Labs that produce crap go out of business overnight. Its big money.

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