I just started taking Super halo about 2 weeks ago and seeing some great results.

Is there anything I can add to further my transformation?
I am wanting to lose weight as I build muscle.
I am 6.6 360 Pounds

I also take other supplements:
My stack includes:
On Whey Protein (daytime)
Muscle Milk (at night)
CL:Green Bulge (Creatine)
CL:White Flood (Nitric Oxcide)
CL:Blue Up(Testosterone)
CL:Orange Triad (Multi)
CL:Blue Gene (recovery)
CL:Golden Finish (post workout)
Arson (Muscle Asylum Project
Black China Labs: Super Halo
Muscle Tech: Hydrozide(water pill)
Milk Thistle
Chromium Picolinate