Hey what's up guys? I've got to start off saying that the info on this site is incredible and I've learned alot; everyone seems pretty cool and out to improve each other which is sick. But here's the bad news...while exploring this cornucopia of information I've found myself overwhelmed. Haha. Ok, obviously my health is a big concern of mine, but hell, so is my wallet. I've been trying to figure out if I should go with epistane or havoc. I've read Neoborn's Epi FAQ and Trauma1's Havoc write up and from what I've come to understand, they are the same thing. If that's the case why's epi cheaper than the havoc. Second I've been reading all the information on PCT, but there's so much that I have no idea what I need or don't need or what's best? I know it all depends on the user, but I'd like to keep this cycle affordable, healthy, and of course I want to keep as much of my gains as possible. I was planning on using CS during the cycle, but other than protein I'm not sure what kind of other sups are going to help me get good results while on Epi or Havoc. As for pct, I considered using PCS, DTH, and then I'm pretty much lost. Help. Honestly I'd like my pct products to be available oct, considering I have no idea where to get the other goods. Currently I'm 22, about to be 23, about 200lbs (not sure if this is correct seeing as I'm out in Iraq's "beautiful" deserts and haven't weighed myself in almost 3 months). I've been working out for about 5 years and in the last year and a half have been getting really serious about my diet. I currently am trying to bulk, eating 3500 - 4000cals and 300 - 400prot every day, with cardio everyday switching between running and jump rope. As far as supplements, I'm currently running creatine, bcaa, glutamine, arginine, multi vit, zma, whey, and casein. Never really any history with PH. Ran Dbol a long time ago, pretty much had no clue what I was doing, but did make some gains (pretty stupid - I know). My goal is to be about 215 by the middle of next year. I got my wedding coming up then, so you know I gotta look good. Haha. Thanks for the help guys.