Tren Ace and Test E Cycle

  1. Tren Ace and Test E Cycle

    Hello I just want to get some feedback on this cycle /i am about to begin. I am 5 foot 11 220 pounds and 30 years old. My plan is for 100 mg of Tren Ace EOD and run 750 mg of Test E per week. Anyone run a similar cycle or see any problems with it ??


  2. I would start the tren at 75 eod and go from there.
    Have you run test/tren together before? If not, 500mg test and 75mg tren would be a good starting point.

  3. Yes I did a Sust / Tren / Deca Cycle and it was very good. 500 mg Test E/Week and 75mg Tren EOD ?? You think that would be the best bet ?? Thanks alot

  4. It's a good starting point for most guys. 750 and 100 would be for more advanced guys. You can always up it later if you need to. I believe in taking as little as possible to grow so you have room in the future.
    Alot of guys make the mistake of jumping on high doses and diet and training are way off.

  5. I would start the acetate off at 75mgs EOD....thats fine for virtually everyone, even guys who've done it multiple far as the enan goes, generally you dont see guys stacking it with an acetate ester because its just easier to run it with propionate and keep pinning them together...enanthate will work with no problems, it just makes the planning a little more work.


  6. whats your pct gunna look like?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by MMAMONSTER19 View Post
    whats your pct gunna look like?
    Give it up your too young to post in this thread. don't hijack his thread because no one will answer your posts

  8. dbl post


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