Post Cycle help(m-drol)

  1. Post Cycle help(m-drol)

    Hey guys i'm currently in the process of mapping out my m-drol cycle and post cycle. this is how im planning on running it

    CEL m-drol 10/20/20 possible 10/20/30(doubt it)

    Nolva 40/20/20/20

    i am also ordering anabolic inovations cycle and post cycle support

    i will take the cycle support throughout the cycle. however im not sure how to take the post cycle. after i finish nolva? or should i taper them inversly?

    i also have a bottle of novedex xt on hand. should i take that to help my pct also? if so how?

  2. Wrong section, but anyways, take the nolva and PCS together.

    PCS: 2 CAPS am, 2 CAPS pm as directed on the bottle.

  3. Yes run them together. You may also want to run the cycle support while running the nolva if you have enough.

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