whatcha think?

  1. whatcha think?

    ok here's the plan correct me if i got anything wrong

    age 29
    wt 230
    bf 18%

    wk 1-4 35mg dbol ed
    wk 1-10 500mg test e ew
    wk 1-15 20mg nolva ed
    wk 13-15 pct clomid 300/100/50
    wk 13-14 & 17-18 clen as per hand book

    400 gm protien ed
    300 gm carb ed (ramping up til bf goes up too much)
    100 gm fat ed

    total cals 3700 again ramping up through cycle

    thinking of running the test @250mg every 3 days
    instead of 500/wk...too much?

  2. 1st Cycle??
    If so leave the test @ 500
    I personally would leave off the D-bol too.
    Are you sensitive to or ever had gyno?
    If not why are you running Nolva during the cycle? Save it for PCT or if you get gyno symptoms. I'd use Armidex, Letro, etc if you're worried about aromatization.

  3. My opinion and questions:

    1. What are your goals? If shear size is your goal then go for it. However, typically I do not feel it is a good idea to do a cycle when your bf% is over say 15%. reason being that you will most likely add fat as calories will go up and doing cardio becomes more difficult. If you just want size then no problem with bf%.

    2. Do not use an anti-e unless necessary. If problems arise, then start taking the nolvadex. If you start to bloat or gyno symptoms come upon you then start using it. No need for letro or arimidex in my opinion.

    3. Keep you dosage at 500mg weekly. 1cc on mon and 1cc on thurs.

    4. Start your post cycle meds 10 days after your last injection. Use nolvadex and clomid together for post cycle.

    5. Good first cycle. Very simple and effective.

    Good luck

  4. I agree with the test and the d bol but also agree with old guy about the nolva. Always I repeat always have it on hand but dont take it unles you need it. also i may be a bit of a oldtimer by saying this but you might not want to do the test for so long. And you might even taper it off. It will stay in your system long enough. If this is the first cycle ten weeks is a bit extreme for a first time. but hey it is your money and your cycle I am not going to go to crazy about saying adjust it but ten weeks on test might be a bit extreme in my opinion. expecialy at that dose.


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