shelf life of PH's

  1. shelf life of PH's

    with the ban looming overhead i believe i may stock up on some choice items...

    what is the shelf life of prohormones??

    i am thinking of getting around 20 or 30 grams of 1-Test and around 100-125 grams of 4-AD plus i have 3 bottles of Methyl 1-Test already and a bottle of 4Aderm but that will be used soon enough...

    does that seem like a good supply of Prohormones ??

    so far i have done 2 prohormone cycles and i loved them but i am probably not going to exceed more than 3 maby 4(but probably not) cycles a year so getting this much stuff it will sit for quite a while...

    is there a way to make sure this stuff doesn't go bad or vacum sealing??

  2. Vacumm sealing is a good idea. Keep it out of heat and light. I don't keep my powders in the fridge because of condensation.

  3. i have a room in my basement with shelves and stuff in it for food storage...i am guessing that would be a prime place to put it because it is at a constant cool temperature year round??

  4. Don't mean to be rude, but this has been asked and answered many, many times.

    There is even a thread 10 below yours that has 20 responses to it. It's titled, "The descision to stock up. Now? or Later?"


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