androgel plus epi

  1. androgel plus epi

    i have roughly 3 full bottles of androgel that a friend gave me. they wont need it anymore because they are now on the patch. i was wondering for strickly performance benifits not for hrt could it be used at say six pumps a day while pulsing epi 3 on 3 off. any thoughts would be appreciated.

  2. Hmmm, its a tough one, androgel on its own offers no real performance benefit because the amount of test is so very low, I cant remember the exact numbers, but I think it works out to around 40mg a week, at your 6pump/day dose. And pulsing the epi, Im guessing will/may reduce any natural hormonal shutdown to some extent(Im not a pulsing fan, so this is a gray area for me), but adding the gel may keep T levels artificially constant/even, should shutdown occur, so there may in fact be a benefit to adding the gel. Having said all that, would I do it, sure, if I had an excellent pct lined up, with a good test booster, but only since it was free, would I recommend someone go out and spend money on the gel, for this experiment, absolutely not. Hope this gives you a little food for thought.
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  3. thanks i am going to do more research. I was wrong i have 7 bottles in total. 1 was open plus 3 boxes cotaining 2 bottles each. i may just go full 8 pump dosage witch would be a bottle every seven days. was going to pulse the epi to keep estrogen conversion down.

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