Poll: Do you take off days on cycle?

Do you take off days on cycle?

  1. Do you take off days on cycle?

    Because recovery time is so quick do you find the need to still take off days?

  2. its a struggle to take 1-2 days off while on cycle, but you gotta do it.

  3. I take a lot of off days...on and off cycle. I used to workout like f.cking mad, up to 10 times EW. I hit the gym ~3x EW now (cardio is more frequent, not by much though). I need the recovery because I get outrageously sore from doing jack sh!t.

  4. if your recovery time isnt any faster on cycle than your not pushing your limits with the drugs in the gym...maybe do 2 more sets or work out 45 mins longer on drugs. This way you will utilize the off days.

  5. I recover faster when on cycle, but I still take several days off per week.

  6. recovery is always gonna be faster while "on", but that doesnt mean that you dont need any "off" days. basically it comes down to "everyone is different", listen to your body and take a day or two off when u need it. simple as that

  7. I still work my regular 4 day split on or off. I might up cardio on off days or if I feel the need to do something mainly bodyweight exercises pushups pulls etc.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by papapumpsd View Post
    I recover faster when on cycle, but I still take several days off per week.
    i agree,and another thing is to get sick while on cycle,i wont touch iron maybe 3 4 days till i get better!..but i will still pop them p.h!


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