H-drol cycle change

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    H-drol cycle change

    Ive been running H-drol at a 50mg dose for the past week now. I havent really felt anything except crazy pumps and feeling tired all the time. No sides.... I was thinking about upping the dosage next week.... what do you think?

    Current Cycle- 50/50/75/75/75
    New Cycle- 50/75/75/75/100

    Seem like a good idea or no? Ive got a pretty good OTC PCT setup --> PCS, CS, I3C, Lean-X, 6-oxo

    First Cycle..... 6'1" 205lbs roughly 12-15% body fat

    Suggestions please?

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    H-drol doesn't really kick in to the 3rd week for most people so it's normal to not notice much the 1st week
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    Quote Originally Posted by mixedup View Post
    H-drol doesn't really kick in to the 3rd week for most people so it's normal to not notice much the 1st week
    id wait till atleast the 3rd like mixedup said, then see if you need the bump.

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    I agree h-drol really kicks in week3 if you making gains at 75mg no need to up it to 100mg IMO. Listen to what your body is telling you and good luck.
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