How suppressive is Winstrol?

  1. How suppressive is Winstrol?

    I went through big cat's profile and ran a search here but didn't find anything on the suppression of natural testosterone production it causes. Are people who use it to cut having to do HCG/Clomid PCT?

  2. It's suppressive.. I'm quite sure hcg/clomid would be a must after a cycle..

  3. Yeah, use PCT. DHT-derived compounds (like Winstrol) are highly suppressive.

  4. Remember that all compounds are suppresive, just in different degree than others..

  5. General rule, if it works it is suppressive.

    Also started thinking about HPTA suppression as yes or no and not how much. Yes, HPTA is suppressed = 1. No, HPTA is not suppressed = 0.

    Winstrol alone is not very effective. It will not burn fat. People use as a cutting agent b/c of the harder appearance it gives your muscles and retain msucel while cutting.

  6. Good point. The days of thinking anavar and primo aren't suppressive are seemingly fading fast. It's a shame, too, because I could've really tricked myself into believing that lie.


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