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    sorry if this has been covered before, kinda in a rush. I take multi v's every day and every time i take it the next piss i take is neon yellow which leads me to believe im pissing most of it out. it got me wondering if im pissing out most of my Spawn also... I take both with a meal. is their anything that will help absorb more of my Epi/"tren" and multi's?

  2. I think its a B vitamin that is actually making the color change.

    "Something that can really change the color of urine is the vitamin B2 (riboflavin). If you swallow a vitamin B2 supplement, and the amount is more than your body needs, the vitamin is excreted in the urine. The urine will be a VERY bright, almost fluorescent, yellow."

    Color of Urine

  3. awesome post ty

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    awesome post ty

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