Sust/Tren/Winny Stack

  1. Sust/Tren/Winny Stack

    I am considering a cycle with a stack of Sust. @ 250mg per week, Tren. 75 mg per week @ 25mg EOD, and Winny @50mg EOD together.

    I would appreciate any advise/recommended changes in regards to this cycle.

    Current Stat's:
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 180
    Age: 29
    BF: 15% - 18% (Range)

    I have previously used Sust. & Eq. together and put on about 10 lbs of lean mass last year using using 250mg of Sust with 200mg of Eq per week.

  2. ur doses are WAY WAY WAY too low, u will not achieve much of anything.

    Sust 500mg/week 1-12
    Tren Ace 75mg EOD 1-6
    Winny 50mg ED 9-14

    and FYI, EQ needs to be run at a minimum of 400mg/week and for no less than 12 weeks to benefit from it. i suggest doing a lot more research

  3. Yea those are some low doses. If you haven't done tren before, I'd suggest 50mg ED. The less fluctuation the less sides has been my experiance, and 50mg is a nice starting dose. Other than that the doses nosnmiveins gave should do you well.

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