Andro nitrate3? Old heads help me out.

  1. Exclamation Andro nitrate3? Old heads help me out.

    I've got a friend of mine that called me yesterday and said that he found a full bottle of twinlabs andro nitrate 3 at his parents house from when we were in highschool (we both graduated in 04 so this stuff is probably from between 01-03 he thinks). He was wondering what it was and I'm not sure if it is a prohormone or not i've found very little information about it on the internet but was wondering if it was a prohormone from before the ban.

    Also, i told him not to take it until i found out what it was exactly. It hasn't been in direct sunlight or anything its been in a dresser drawer the entire time. I'm aware that some prohormones turn toxic after some time so I didn't want him to injure his guts or anything by taking something old.

    Anyway, does anyone know much about this product enough to tell me if it is a PH or just another supplement, whether or not it may be safe to take it and what kinda results people got from this when it was still on the market?


    And yes I've searched for information about it on this forum and unfortunately I haven't found anything:/

  2. try google next time

    Twinlab Andro Nitrate3 Fuel Information
    Twinlab Andro Nitrate3 Fuel is a prohormone, whose target hormone is 1-Testesterone. It is orally active and avoids conversion to estrogen and it's associated problems and side effects.

    Thus, Twinlab Andro Nitrate3 Fuel features the following

    High oral activity
    Conversion to a hormone 300% more potent than testosterone, according to Twinlab
    Absolutely NO aromatization to estrogens
    Natural and safe
    1-Testosterone, as created by Twinlab Andro Nitrate3 Fuel, was hailed as revolutionary for the supplement industry, finally bridging the efficacy gap between supplements and steroids. As as matter of fact - 1-Testesterone that Twinlab Andro Nitrate3 Fuel converts to is pretty much is a steroid - just a erfectly legal one, and with none of the side effects.

    Twinlab Andro Nitrate3 Fuel Ingredients and Composition
    How To Take Twinlab Andro Nitrate3 Fuel and Twinlab Andro Nitrate3 Fuel Dosage and Administration
    Take one Twinlab Andro Nitrate3 Fuel tablet Daily, preferably 30 minutes to one hour prior to physical activity. Cycling AndroNitrate3 fuel supplementation by using 3-4 weeks followed by 2-3 weeks off is recommended. Do not exceed 1 tablet per day.

    How Does Twinlab Andro Nitrate3 Fuel Work?
    Twinlab Andro Nitrate3 Fuel (1-Androstenediol) prohormone converts to 1-Testesterone hormone which has a superior chemical profile to "old-school" prohormones of the past."Old school" prohormones have poor conversion rates to their parent hormones, massive conversions to estrogen, and many pronounced side effects which has now rendered them obsolete.

    1-Testesterone, to which the prohormone 1-AN converts, is almost identical in chemical structure and performance to Primobolan. 1-AD converts to 1-Testesterone, which has been demonstrated to be 700% more anabolic than testosterone. This could make 1-Testesterone one of the most anabolic compounds ever discovered. Additonally the double bond makes it unable to aromatize and cause estrogen problems. This means no DHT derived side effects (i.e. no conversion to estrogen, no hair loss, no gynecomastia, and essentially zero water retention and acne). 1-Testesterone has just eliminated the need to use another side-effect prone steroid or prohormone again.

    Oral Activity
    In order to make it orally active, prohormones have been 1-alkalated to survive the liver, but this increased their liver toxicity severely. By putting a double bond in place on 1-Testesterone (thus the name), this problem has been eliminated, and withouth the toxicity that 17-alkalization brings with it.

    Structurally 1-Testesterone is closest to Primobolan, except for an extra methyl-group. The oral activity of 1-Testesterone, that ErgoPharma 1-AD converts into is somewhere in the neighbourhood of 30%, since it survives the liver pass.

  3. sorry i must have not looked hard enough. thank you.

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