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Please don't make me order some. Did you have any problems on regular 1-Test? I did a 6 week cycle of 1-AD and came down with a bad sinus infect in about the 5-th week. I didn't tie this infection to 1-AD until I started a cycle of One Plus and after about five days the same sinus problems started. I've tried everything and nothing can seem to keep me from getting sick. Maybe I'll try 5-10mg of M-1test.
I had the same problem with 1-AD and M1T. 5th week of 1-AD, I started getting the sinus infection, so I went into PCT sick. I actually noticed that my sinuses were swollen (stuffy, hard to breathe) some a couple of hours after taking M1T, when I would feel the other effects like increase in BP. T1Pro didn't bother me at all though.

edit - I didn't get a sinus infection on M1T, just felt the hemorraging.