epistane dosing

  1. epistane dosing

    wasup guys need some help with the dosing.

    i was reading neos FAQ and it seems to show to be dosing apart 6 hours

    so now does this guide line have to be followed? because what i was doing was dosing at it at :

    10-11 am when i wake up then dosing again around 2pm when i go to the gym. is this to close to each other or am i cooo

    tried searching and i swear i seen peoples dosing protocols on their logs but could not find any!!!!!

    thanx in advance

  2. dude, you dont need a ph at 150lbs, you need food, protein and maybe some creatine. by the way..
    how old are you that u can afford to wake up at 10am and go to the gym at 2?

    what doses are you thinking of running?

    training experience?

    cycle experience?

    do you even have a pct lined up?

    the dosing some odd hours apart is because of the half life

  3. Maybe he's 5'4 and 8% bodyfat

    Probably not tho
    Mostly answered PM's
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    <------ Hard to believe, but I wasn't on any anabolics in the avatar shot

  4. 5'6 152 with 14% training 3 yrs. 23yrs was 165 in march and 1st ph

  5. any more input?


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