Opinion on first cycle

  1. Opinion on first cycle

    Hey guys I was thinking of running a first cycle and I am stuck on either running

    Test 250 at 500mg 12weeks
    deca at 250mg 10weeks


    Test 250 at 500mg 12weeks
    Dbol at 35mg? 4weeks

    Im also not sure on how much Dbol I should use.

  2. IMO, on a first cycle you want to do test only and see how you respond just to it. You could add dbol in as a kick start but it's not totally necessary. And I think you could get by with 400mg per week and grow great for a first cycle.

  3. hmm... thats something im going to think about. Ive just had the impression i should start with test and either deca or dbol.

  4. Well if you start with two substances and you have unwanted sides, you really don't know which is causing them as you haven't run them seperately to know how you react to them. You could run test/deca on a second cycle after you know how you respond to test only.

  5. test/dbol was my first. i would either choose between test only or test/dbol.....def no deca. if sides get bad from test/dbol then u can stop the dbol and assess from there

  6. what is wrong with deca for a first? just curious

  7. Quote Originally Posted by krea View Post
    what is wrong with deca for a first? just curious

    if u dont know then answer to this then ur not ready for a cycle. hate to be harsh, but u need to do more research

  8. i am starting to do research. i know i am not ready yet, besides reasearching i was seeing what other people thought with there exsperiences. I have just been told that test w/ deca would be a good first cycle


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