Epi dosing.

  1. Question Epi dosing.

    165 lbs 5 10' pulse cycle of epi at 30 mgs i planned but after week (20,30,30) one i already have a noticable increase in strength and size.. wondering if i should lengthen the cycle and drop to 20 mgs, 10 pre/post for the remainder. think it'll be easier to keep gains/ avoid potential sides?... up >4lbs so far

    anyway, cycle info. 76 total epi, 7 wks long right now at planned 30 mgs, 3/7days week
    off days- blue up, fenugreek or nettle(2wk/1off), possible low dose ATD if sides occur
    pct- PCS, 6 oxo, maybe some DTHC or another test booster, nettle, like 4 servings of sizeon then plain mono creatine, Lean fx maybe but prob just vit c for cort control

  2. I ran a pulse and kept it at 30 mg with zero sides. I did MassFX/HD on off days. I continued gaining throughout PCT. I would stick with 30!

  3. With a pulse, you can go 4-6 weeks. Some go more, but 4-6 is common. You could drop the dose if you'd like, but 30mg pulse is the most common dose.
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  4. sticking with 30, libido alone right now is worth stickin with it anyways

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