rock hard formulations

  1. rock hard formulations

    I havent seen to much info on rockhard formulations. i few months ago i went with their granite x, 4 a day and novaldex. it worked great. i was on their website today on they have equitren.

    1) anythoughts on rockhard formulations in general?

    2) on thoughts on the grantite x and novaldex i took

    3) is their equitren the "eq" everyone refers to around here

    4) and the cycle I mentioned above, what would be the next step up, Im looking for a four week deal. Also everytime I go to research a product it's banned, out of stock, or something else. Im looking to buy tomorrow so any messages with the links where i can go to get everything would be appreciated also.

    ---I was impressed with previous cycle above, in regards to strength, size, and weight gain. So whatever you could recommed that would follow the same lines would be great.


  2. We sell the entire rockhard prohormone line at the supplement store I work at. And the entire line is wonderful! Everyone who buys any of their stuff has nothing but good things to say, and always comes back for more.

    They actually have discontinued GRANITE X (superdrol), but their sister company (Intense Nutraceuticals) has SUPERBOLIC which is the same superdrol and also SuperTren which is Superdrol and Tren with a DHB amplifier and people love the **** out of that one.

    I would recomend that you give Equitren a try, it is currently our best seller.

    If you have anymore questions about Rockhard Formulations feel free to ask me! I have not used any of their products, but I know about 100 people who have, and know all of their products from front to back!

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