in serious need of help please guys

  1. in serious need of help please guys

    Im 18 and from Northern Ireland if that has any bearing on things. Forum - FAQ: vBulletin FAQ
    AnabolicMinds requires that you must be at least 21 to engage in steroid discussion.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by flashgordon View Post
    Alright guys, before I start I just want to say im more than happy to take as much flaming as I receive; I deserve it.
    I decided on the ninth of october to start a one month epidrol (same coumpound as epistane and havoc) cycle.
    Made pretty impressive gains on it, put 30 pounds on my max bench and felt untouchable for a month.
    I was told that all I would need for PCT would be an over the counter AI called ATD JET as epidrol is meant to be very easy on you in terms of sides.
    I came to the end of the cycle on the ninth of this month and since then have felt completely terrible, hard to sleep, depressed, lethargic, and zero sex drive which dosent come in handy when you have a new girl friend.
    I waited one day after the cycle ended then started onto the 25mg a night of ATD and take ZMA also.
    Im pretty sure that it is having zero effect on me, and really just need to know what to do as I have felt this ****ing scared in my life to be honest.
    Im 18 and from Northern Ireland if that has any bearing on things.
    Thanks in advance
    I though I heard ATD killed libido usually..

  3. Need to take some nolva instead of OTC PCT

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