gynecomastia blood test question

  1. gynecomastia blood test question

    i got a blood order from my doctor after asking about gyno surgery

    on nowhere on the sheet does it mention ANY kinda of estrogen, or estrogen total.... WTF

    there are two icd-9's on it i looked them up and they mean

    so i guess it just notifies them of conditions? i was thinking that maybe there is a standard battery of tests that correspond to each condition/icd-9 code....

    but if thats true why wouldnt i have seen this used before, and why would he in addition check off my free testosterone total?

    lastly, when i go to get my blood drawn, im thinking i should stop the dermacrine i started two weeks ago... like take a day off maybe 2? i heard it pushes your FT up high and i dont want to look high on my tests....


  2. no experience here, just speculating, but even if u had gyno, it may be from that "one" time ur estrogen was higher than usual and now it has returned to normal but the gyno tissue still remains. with that said, im not sure a blood test could prove that u had gyno or not.

    physical appearance or hard lumps behind the nipple should be proof enough IMO

  3. its not a test for gyno. i and everyone knows i have it, i have breast tissue.

    the reason for testing hormone levels is to ensure that things are stable now, so that once surgery is complete, there is not an environment present that will breed more gynecomastia.

    thats why i dont understand why it seems of all things to test, estrogen is not on the list!? or is it?

    i know i can call my doctor and ask, but there ridiculously hard to get a hold of and i would use that as a resort after the forums (under the condition that the forum information is 100%).

    and about the dermacrine... i dont want it to affect my blood tests, if i stop a day or so before, will there be a different reading then if i hadnt taken it at all...i.e. a return, temporarily, to sub-normal readings, as my body was used to the presences of dermacrine?


  4. I am currently dealing with a similar issue. They will test thyroid and pituitary hormones. If there is a growth or malignancy on these glands, gynecomastia can be a symptom. Testicular tumors can also cause this. Unless you have obvious symptoms of low testosterone, they may not check test/estrogen levels until they rule out a more serious cause, ie a tumor.

  5. i am on trt. they know i use test, and that i should have estrogen tested as it can cause gyno... and i have thyroid tests done because they also know that im hypothyroid. both conditions treated through this same doctor.




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