Planning on starting this in late Nov/Early December, after finishing a 3 week cycle of 10/20/20 M-Drol with 4 weeks of Nolvadex PCT last week. Three more off weeks, and I'm ready and raring to go again.

This will be my second DS cycle. I have a history of probably 15+ AAS cycles (based around various tests, d-bol, anadrol, eq & deca) from 1990-2002. After being 'clean' for 6 years the 3 week M-Drol cycle was the first cycle I've done for years (aside from staggered post workout insulin use). Very impressive and comparable to all AAS's I've used in the past. I gained about 14 lean pounds, lifts went up dramatically, and pumps were awesome. 5 weeks after the cycle (and 1 week after PCT), I've only dropped 2 lbs, and strength is still close to what it was on-cycle.

I had planned to use something other than M-Drol for this 2nd cycle, BUT I didn't feel like my diet was up to snuff for the first three week cycle (protein was at 250-275 grams daily, which will bump up to 350 this time through). My plans for cycle three in Spring of 09 will likely be an 8 week H-Drol/Tren 'recomp' based cycle.

I'm currently at 210 with 12% bodyfat. My goal for the 6 week E-Stane/M-Drol cycle is to hit 230, with no gain (possibly even a decrease) in bodyfat. I'll also be starting creatine again at the beginning of the cycle (which always bumps me up about 4-5 lbs), plus I'll be doing fast acting Novolog insulin (from 4-7 IU) on post workout days only (4x weekly). I usually do 4 weeks on/8-10 weeks off of insulin. Only adds a few pounds to my bw, but gives me excellent fullness & vascularity.

I had planned on using a P-Plex/Tren or P-Plex/M-Drol bridge, but I've seen posts on issues with hair loss w/ P-Plex, so at least for now, I'll avoid it. Plus, I've been curious about Epistane/Havoc, so the 4 weeks I use it before switching to M-Drol will give me a solid idea of how it works for me.

I'm anal with the support supps (Milk Thistle, Celery Seed, Taurine, Hawthorne, Saw Palmetto, Aspirin). For me personally, blood pressure (seems to jump about 20 points while on cycle and post cycle) and lethargy are the main side effects I trying to avoid hair loss (I use Minoxydil & Finasteride). I did have some possible kidney swelling, but 4 grams of Taurine, Potassium, and Tonic Water alleviated this).

I'd appreciate any input from the experienced posters here. Two questions that I do have...

1) Should I maintain my usual dosage of 5 mg of Finasteride daily while on cycle? Will it interfere with the M-Drol gains?

2) Should I do the 4 weeks of insulin for the first 4 weeks of cycle (E-stane) or the last 4? (M-Drol) I've never had any blood sugar issues with M-Drol, but a friend of mine did.

The Planned Cycle...

Week 1 / 30mg Epi daily
Week 2 / 30mg Epi daily
Week 3 / 40mg Epi daily
Week 4 / 40mg Epi daily, 10mg M-Drol daily
Week 5 / 20mg M-Drol daily
Week 6 / 20-30mg M-Drol daily

* Novolg insulin @ 4-7 IU 4x weekly on weeks 1-4 or weeks 3-6

I've lurked here for years - solid board with knowledgeable posters. Looking forward to feedback.